SMS Tactics

SMS Tactics is a free new game by the creator of Synonymy about communication and manipulation. It runs silently in the background while the actual game is played simply by texting back and forth with your friends.
You and your opponent are both assigned 'WinWords'. If you're able to get your friend to text you your WordWord before they get you to text you theirs, you win! There's no time limit, and the game is designed to be played over several weeks and force you to question whether each engagement is a ploy to illicit the desired response. Either player can also win by guessing the word their opponent is trying to get them to say.

Perhaps the most elegant feature of SMS Tactics is the fact that it only needs to run on one device. If your friend agrees to a game via text, they don't need to install anything - just keep texting you as normal. This makes it possible to play easily with iPhones, windows phones, or any device that's capable of sending texts.

How to Play

  • Select a contact and invite them to a game by hitting the '+' button
  • Once your contact confirms the automatic text sent to them, try to get them to text you the winword you were assigned
  • Your opponent will recieve a text from another number informing them of their winword
  • If you think you can guess this word, you can tap the game inside the app and make a guess
  • If you guess twice incorrectly, you lose
  • Your opponent can guess your winword by texting 'guess"word"' to your phone. (the word guess, followed by a quotation, the guess itself, and a closing quote)
In the menu, 'Word Difficulty determines the commonality of the word - for shorter game try easy and for longer games try hard. Handicap allows you to make the game harder or easier for your opponent. The project is entirely open source, contribute to the repo here. We do not store any of your data, please consult our privacy policy for assurance of this.

Copyright 2015 Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis
SMS Tactics all rights reserved